More sizes available!

We have increased the sizes of "Kaguyahime", "Deer Ducky Keeper", and "Sparrow in Love", as requested by many customers!

Kaguyahime: 130cm to L

Deer Ducky Keeper: 130cm to XXL

Sparrow in Love:110cm to L

We've also restocked the "Sumo Wrestler & Ayatori," which had been out of stock for a long time!

Sumo Wrestler & Ayatori: 130cm to L

We are currently giving away long-sleeved t-shirts at both our real store and online store.

*This applies only to customers who purchase T-shirts in sizes 150cm and larger.
*The long-sleeved T-shirt will be the same as the T-shirt you purchased.
*For XXL, you will receive an XL long-sleeved T-shirt.
*This service is also available for orders from overseas.