Notice of restocking and size expansion change

This is a notice of restocking and change of size range.

First, the M size of "Edo Face" is back in stock!With a design that depicts beautiful man and woman from the Edo period on the front and back, there is no doubt that it will have an impact!

Edo Face – ONE POINT (

And, in response to customer's request, there are two types of patterns that have been newly increased in size! 

[Kakigori] 110-160 cm → 110-S 

[Strawberry & Strawberry Parfait] 110-150cm → 110-S 

Both can now be selected up to S size ✨ Very cute pattern, recommended for parent and child coordination 👨‍👩‍👧🤍

Kakigori – ONE POINT (

Strawberry & Strawberry Parfait – ONE POINT (


Please refer to the size guide for how to select the size.

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